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How to Leave Work at Work

by Mike Nordby on Sep 18, 2019

Many professionals struggle with the phrase, “leave work at work.” As an insurance agent, you pride yourself on putting your clients first with good customer service and making sure they feel well-cared for. But, after you leave the office, you need to make yourself and your family the top priority.

Sometimes, it’s not as easy as it sounds, but how can you continue investing time in your clients, without spending some time investing in yourself?

Here are some suggestions to consider.

Set expectations with your clients. When speaking with them mention your family or hobbies and how important these things are to you. It’ll help them remember that you’re human and just like they need to relax after a workday, so do you.

Stop checking your phone and email at night. Better yet, turn the phone off for a few hours at night so you can focus on spending time with your family or doing one of your hobbies.

Decompress after work and unwind. Listen to your favorite music to clear your head on the way home. Or once you get home, go for a walk. Try and make a rule for yourself that once you get home, there’s no more business talk.

If unplugging after work hours isn’t an option, try making a schedule with your coworkers so you can rotate who’s on call for the night.

Remember, family time and alone time are moments too precious to give up, moments you can’t get back. You may miss out on some important family milestones if you’re unable to step away from work from time to time. Give yourself the respect you deserve and leave your work at work.


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